How can you earn more money through your AirBnB listing?

Come to think of it, we all love travel and have been to different destinations. If you jog your memory and were to differentiate among the good experiences and the worst, one of the first that would spring to mind would obviously be the stay. There are essentially three things that we all look forward to where we stay:

    1. Clean

    2. Comfortable

    3. Affordable luxury

All three are essentially also impacted by the first impression that you create and the expectations are set from the minute a potential customer views the listing. On a portal like AirBnB where the customer has not interacted with owners yet and sifts through multiple options at competitive prices, she tries to guage the value offered from the images. We’re all sensory beings and what we see greatly impacts perceptions. Not just this, when the guests come over, it also needs to live up to the image you’ve successfully managed to create else they may feel let down and affect your reviews, subsequently negatively affecting your revenue. An easy way to achieve the objective and being successful here is to do it up and maintain it as well. But wouldn’t that cost a lot of money and take time? Nope, it’s the easiest one can do! Rather than have bland walls and boring paint jobs which are time consuming, messy and a huge drain on effort both during and after the job, you could start by deciding the theme for your room listing. Begin by asking preliminary questions that help you zero in on one:

    1.  What type of guests do you host more often – is it the leisure or the corporate traveller?

    2.  What is the location of your listing – in a commercial business district or a holiday destination?

    3.  What is the average age profile of your guests?

    4.  Does your listing target predominantly male or female guests?

    5.  Are most of your bookings seasonal or during certain times of the year?

Having decided the objective, the next step would obviously be to plan. Colours, pictures, textures, backgrounds can be relaxing and therapeutic and have a profound impact on perception. The easiest way to incorporate all these and at an extremely reasonable price is through wallpaper, posters, blinds and door skins. Printmyspace has a range of options to choose from for all of these and if you feel these are restricted or not enough, go ahead, let your creativity and imagination run wild, conjure up a theme and have these custom printed. Doing up the space after that can also be an exciting DIY option and take just a matter of hours – clean, without clutter and based on a theme that is extremely relevant and has the potential to deliver an exceptional ROI. These are also durable and easy to clean and maintain. So go ahead, explore further on printmyspace and have a happy listing!

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