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Home is where the heart is and we spend well over a quarter of our lives in them. The colors, backgrounds, and décor we choose have the potential to subconsciously impact us – our moods, personalities, the way we interact and are perceived when someone comes over. now gets you different options to customize your space the way you’d always wanted. Choose the way you prefer to do it. A good place to start with is the objective you’d like to achieve. Love outdoors and travel? Want to surround yourself with cherished memories of your loved ones and special moments? Is the climate cold where you stay and cherish being on a beach? Love the music and want your walls to reflect it? Want to make your kids feel special and help them relate to their room and create a special zone for them? Is the space in your house limited and would want it to feel more spacious? Are you religious and want the surroundings to resonate your piety? The solution is simple – create your own theme based space, with the objective in mind that can be different for each room. Explore 3D, nature and different textures for your living room, give your dining room the restaurant look and feel, make your kids feel special with their pictures and favorite characters, splash your bedrooms with your cherished memories of family and special ones. And the best part is, it need not be restricted to your walls.

With PrintMySpace you can create a combination and custom themes that combine walls, posters, doors and windows and the possibilities are virtually as limitless and endless as your creativity and imagination. The process is extremely simple too! Just choose the pictures on our site or explore them on sites such as Shutterstock, or just conjure one up and we print them for you. Shipping options too across the globe are cheap and most orders reach within a lead time of 15 days. We value your business and satisfaction and are willing to go the extra mile to make you and your space special. So, go ahead and explore today!

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