Contact paper is the most amazing decorative paper which easily sticks to any desired surface with minimal effort. Contact paper is a double sided material comprising of an extremely adhesive side and another side that is usually decorative but may also be plain, textured or clear in appearance. This formation enables the contact paper to be used as a handy tool that can provide multiple benefits of protection, utility and aesthetic beauty to many objects.

    What is Contact Paper?
    Most contact papers are made of inexpensive materials like china clay, fiber crop, paper chemicals or wood pulp. Aside from spray paint, contact paper is perhaps the easiest available and the most cost-effective way to transform just about anything in your space. Contact paper is available in many forms but the most people prefer contact paper in the form of a roll which makes it easy to handle, use and store for future use. This adds up to its cost effectiveness.
    You get to see many designs on contact papers. Many prefer floral contact paper while others opt for something more sophisticated. Here is one such Copper contact paper with abstract golden lines.

    What is contact paper used for?
    Contact papers are the most sought after choice when it comes to home and office decorations. If you are staying in a rental where you are not allowed to paint and redecorate, contact paper offers you the perfect way to redecorate it to your own liking. It can be used as a protective covering or as a decorative layer for furniture and/or walls of the rental place. Apart from these there are many more varied and innovative applications of contact paper especially of the self-adhesive chalkboard and clear contact paper.

    Contact Paper
    Not all contact papers are the same. Depending on the kind of surface that it is supposed to stick to contact papers are classified as follows…
    Self Adhesive waterproof Contact Paper – They are applied directly to the desired surface without the additional requirement of a sticking agent
    Shelf Contact Paper – They are used to line shelves in homes and offices. Another name for it is the contact paper drawer liner.
    Stone Contact Paper – This has an appearance similar to that of a stone and can be applied on rough surfaces
    Glass Contact Paper – It is transparent and is almost invisible once applied to the desired surface. It is also called mirror contact paper
    Vinyl Contact Paper – They are the synthetic resin or plastic contact papers

    Decorative Contact Paper for walls
    Depending on the decorative surface the contact papers portrays, they are classified by the masses. Marble, granite, wood, steel, and many more are the various faux finishes of decorative contact papers.

    Marble contact paper

    Marble contact papers are available in a lot of varieties. Each of them displays the unique veining with occasional undertones of gold against the background colour of your choice. Yes with marble contact paper you get to choose from a lot more colors when compared to the actual marble.

    Here is one such beautiful marble contact paper

    Cheap Marble contact paper
    As the name suggests the decorative side of this contact paper resembles pure and pristine marble, minus its high costs. Marble contact paper is a great way to incorporate a fun new pattern into your decor. Marble was used in architecture all the way back in ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures. But due to its high cost, it is usually reserved for kitchen or bathroom counters in today’s times. But now you can bring the elegance of the luxurious rock into your home in unprecedented ways. You can use this to cover up broken tiles of the kitchen or bathroom.
    Here is one such cheep but classy marble contact paper

    Best marble contact paper
    A Marble Contact Paper is water repellent made of vinyl and hence can be used for covering kitchen surfaces be it counter tops or backsplash. It has a great potential for covering bathroom tiles, cabinets and furniture. You can cover your small items like laptop, notebooks, book cases, handicrafts, nightstands or bigger items like the pillars and walls of the entryway or rungs of the stairway to make a bold entry to welcome your guest! Creativity has its own ways to exploit the uses of marble contact paper.
    Here is one such versatile marble contact paper

    Marble contact paper for kitchen Counter
    The kitchen counter top is the most important area used when cooking. It tends to get damaged the most and is often the most expensive part of remodeling. Well you can cut your costs by applying marble decorative contact paper on your old counter. It is easy to maintain, just wipe clean with a damp cloth. They give the glamorous look to your kitchen in practically no time.

    Here is one such counter top marble contact paper

    Granite contact paper
    Granite contact papers are the perfect choice for kitchen tops and sides. They give the glamorous look to your kitchen in practically no time. You just need to be a bit careful to use a trivet while placing hot dishes on it.

    Here is one such beautiful granite stone contact paper

    Translucent contact paper
    The translucent variety of contact paper is ideal to create a frosted glass look for your windows, doors and shower partitions. They are great to allow the light in at the same time protect your privacy.

    Clear contact paper for windows

    Glass contact paper allows you to protect and cover objects and articles made of glass. It could be your windows at home or huge glass partitions in the office. In fact you could create an ingenious room divider using vinyl records and clear contact paper.

    Whiteboard contact paper
    These whiteboard contact papers are the talk of the town. They have unleashed the creative potential of many adults and kids. You would be surprised to find many professionals using it at their workplace due to the sheer potential of scribbling it allows you to do.

    Black contact paper
    The black chalkboard contact paper is the close cousin of the whiteboard. It is an adhesive contact paper black in color. It is the most popular choice for school and university projects. You can use acrylic paint on contact paper and clean it easily too.

    World map contact paper
    The other popular choice at schools and colleges is the world map contact paper. It has the complete world map as its decorative surface. It enables the children to learn about places all over the world. This is used in multi-national offices too with markers on all the locations they have offices.

    Contact paper online
    If you are looking for a reliable contact paper online supplier then contact Print My Space . They have Contact papers which are easy to apply, easy to keep clean. Their easy-to-peel liner and adhesive material allows for repositioning during installation. Simply cut to length or shape for a custom application depending on your requirement. Easy availability as well as easier application method has made their contact papers from being a mere utility object to becoming an outlet for the creativity of a lot of people.

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