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    Wall paper is usually sold in rolls and is applied onto a wall using wall paper paste. You can go for the traditional rolls where you need to prepare the paste or buy it separately. Or else you could opt for the self-adhesive or peel and stick and removable wallpaper rolls. Most modern wallpapers are self-adhesive.

    Most modern-day wallpapers are convenient to hang and have many more options than just the traditional pre-printed rolls. In fact, the wallpaper market is specifically targeted at the DIY clients with self-adhesive or peel and stick and removable wall coverings too. Now you can give an individualistic luster to your plain placid walls with wall coverings.

    These trendy wallpapers come in various colors and designs to help you highlight your walls. Decorating your walls with wall coverings is a trendy option available for every modern home dweller. Like any home decor product, the wall coverings define your personality so choose wisely.

    Here is one such Modern Print of Wallpaper Rolls

    Wallpaper Roll India

    Wallpaper comes in different lengths and widths and, it is packaged either as double or triple rolls. A single wallpaper roll and a double wallpaper roll are both just one roll of wallpaper, with a double roll being a longer length than a single roll. In other words, two single rolls equal one double roll.

    In India, you mostly get double rolls, which means that you get two rolls of wallpaper on one single roll. All purchases must be made in even quantities, 2 being the minimum, due to how wallpaper is packaged. So if you need 7 single rolls, then you have to purchase 8 rolls or 4 double rolls.

    Wallpaper Price Per Roll

    When it comes to pricing, even the double and triple wallpaper rolls are priced by the single roll. This may lead you to think that the price is lower than it actually is. You need to order wallpaper in multiples of 2, which doubles the price. So be careful while ordering double wallpaper rolls to avoid a confusing and frustrating experience.

    Wallpaper Roll Price

    You may find this packaging versus pricing situation hard to understand. However, wallpaper is packaged this way because double and triple rolls provide more usable wallpaper than single wallpaper rolls. This extra wallpaper allows for any margin of error. It will help you avoid the problem of finding the same dye lot or printing run when reordering to complete a project, or if the wallpaper on the wall has been damaged and needs repair.

    Wallpaper Roll Size

    The next important thing to understand is the correct size of your room for hanging the wall coverings. You may be having huge windows and openings in your walls which would tempt you to save on that area while ordering. However, it is best to include them to rule out for wastage caused while matching designs of adjacent wallpaper rolls. Ideally understanding the dimensions of your room as well as the standard roll size of the wallpaper you selected will help you calculate the number of rolls you need to order.

    Standard Wallpaper Roll Size

    Wallpapers can be manufactured in different widths primarily due to different equipment in different factories. Width is measured in inches which will be either 20.5 or 27 inches wide.

    Length is measured in feet. Ideally, single rolls are either 13.5 or 16.5 feet long. The size goes up to 27 or 33 feet long for double rolls. The size of the double roll wallpaper is 20.8” wide x 33’ long. However, sometimes the roll size differs a bit depending on the manufacturer.

    You must always check the dimensions of the wallpaper roll on the product page before purchasing it. Metric rolls, also called Euro, single rolls have between 27 ½ and 29 square feet. Double rolls have 56 to 58 square feet.

    American single rolls, which are being phased out, are packaged with almost 25 percent more wallpaper than a metric roll. American single rolls, regardless of their lengths and widths, usually have about 36 sq ft of surface. This is much more than the standard 20.5 in. x 16.5 ft. = 28 sq ft or 27 in. x 13.5 ft. = 30 sq ft single rolls. American double roll bolts about 72 sq ft and triple roll bolts between 101 and 108 sq ft.

    Usually, the total surface area of the walls is divided by the total surface area of the rolls to understand how many rolls you need to buy. But it is always better to have much more wall covering especially if you are buying the patterned wallpapers.

    Wallpaper Roll Pattern

    Most wallpapers have a pattern repeat. It is the smallest rectangle that can be tiled to form the whole pattern. Simply put the pattern repeat is the vertical distance between two identical points and is an integral part of the design. The repeat can range anywhere from an inch or even occasionally less up to as much as the width of the wallpaper or more.

    Patterned wallpapers pieces that are cut from the same roll can be hung next to each other so as to continue the pattern without it being easy to see where the join between two pieces occurs. It is always better to have much more wall covering especially if you are buying the large complex patterned wallpapers.

    Blank Wallpaper Rolls

    The most important aspect of having a great looking wall covering is the final finish it offers. This perfect finish can be achieved only if the walls are prepared well in advance before hanging the wallpaper. The walls need to be straightened and made even or else the wallpaper tends to get damaged sooner due to the uneven surface. Make sure to grout all cracks and crevices with a wall liner or primer and use a plumb bob to level the walls.

    Lining paper or Blank wallpaper rolls are applied to help create a more even surface, perfect in older houses. Lining wallpaper is usually sold in rolls and applied in a vertical direction. Initially size the wall with a thin layer of watery glue, which will help the paper to stick better, and then apply the paste before hanging. Wall lining paper is sold in different grades or thicknesses, depending on the wall surface you need to cover.

    Now that you understand the nuances of wallpaper rolls with regards to size, price, and packaging, it is much easier for you to place your online order. Depending on your requirements, you can buy the blank wallpaper rolls or the ones having your favorite designs.

    You can also mix and match different colors and designs to highlight your feature wall setting it apart from the rest of the walls creating an everlasting impression. Most wallpaper companies offer you the flexibility to develop your own custom designs & themes across doors, windows, closets, and walls.

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