Art Deco-inspired interior design is everybody’s favorite. And the answer to its popularity lies in the history of this art design and art movement. An Art Deco wallpaper first became famous in the 1920s and its popularity surged all the way to the 1940s. The beauty of this Boho wallpaper inspired by the art movement of the time lies in the fact that this movement itself was a mix of different art styles. Artists in Paris were using the movement to express their art, and who wouldn’t want a touch of the Roaring ’20s of Paris in their homes?

    Inspired by popular movements of the time such as Art Nouveau, Cubism, Modernism, etc., the wallcoverings inspired from that era give us a peek into the lives of the Europeans at that time. For those who have a distinct love for Paris, our wide range of this retro wallpaper along with Peel stick wall mural is special since Paris was at the center of this art movement in the ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s, and became the hub of the Art Deco design. 

    What makes this Bohemian Art Decor so alluring is that the 1920s was termed as the Golden Age of Wallpaper. Thus, it only follows that art deco wallpaper from that time is unique and special. The wallpaper roll from that time saw a lot of recurring motifs, such as zigzags, geometric designs, Egyptian designs, sunbursts, etc. 

    During this time period, the economy of Europe was also booming. And so, at the time when the future looked bright to all the people, they made sure the interior of the homes were beaming bright with what is now called vintage wallpaper. Since it was expensive to buy original artworks, people turned to wallcoverings and wall mural to beautify their spaces. These Boho wallpaper ended up becoming the focal point of their houses. 

    A Boho wallpaper in this design is bold and dramatic. It may club opposite colors together or play with contrasts or make unexpected pairings. However, there are some art deco wallpaper color combinations that became more popular than the rest such as black and blue, silver and blue, black and pink, black and grey, gold and red, etc. Bold and dramatic pieces were created in vibrant and rich colors. Originating in the Machine age, Art deco wallpapers are heavily influenced by metallic designs and prints. Thus, a dimensional wallpaper in gold or silver is a perfect candidate. Animal prints as well as monochromes are a big favorite when it comes to a Boho wallpaper

    This glitzy art design turns any space into a place of luxury by adding a peppy vibe with that classic old world drama. The eclectic design of a Bohemian Art Decor is enough to jazz up any space and remind you of the opulence and style of the 1920s. Incorporating a retro wallpaper makes for a sexy statement by adding some dimension and boldness to your home. 

    This iconic art style brings together glamour, geometry, intriguing patterns of zigzags, angular cuts, and swirls. For bringing a dash of personality to your walls, our dimensional wallpaper would be the perfect fit as it makes for an outstanding background and tells a beautiful and exciting story of a time gone by. The detail work in an iconic art deco wallpaper is to die for. The symmetrical designs of a triangle wallpaper or the exuberant shapes of a  hexagonal wallpaper make for a standout look for your home. 

    If you love ornate and jewels, and want glamour around you at all times, an art deco wallpaper is sure to win your heart by transforming any dull, boring space into a room full of whimsical beauty and poise. This art design is all things personality, sleekness, elegance, and opulence. The excitement of the art deco wallpaper is unmatched, and the wallcoverings are used to make a bold and unapologetic statement. For lovers of excess, the art deco style is a blessing and the answer to their prayers. The chicness of the roaring ’20s is brought out beautifully in Bohemian Art Decor which is both modern as well as vintage in its roots. Our collection of tribal wallpaper adds a modern twist to the art deco movement. 

     But that doesn’t mean that a retro wallpaper can only be bold. The art deco wallpaper in soft hues and soothing colors can very well not only be easy on the eyes but also lead you into elegance without going too bold. Space will for sure be wrapped up in a luxurious art deco feel when you cover the walls with vintage wallpaper. This is so because the art design itself is inspired by the time that is marked by the invention of electricity and the radio as well as the jazz music of today. Art Deco wallpaper perfectly encapsulates the energy of that time. This was done by decorating the walls with happy, cheerful, vibrant, and luxurious wallpaper rolls so as to ensure that the optimism of their minds was depicted in their living spaces as well. Hence, the energy of that era easily seeps into the wallcoverings. This means that the influence of art deco is here to stay on the contemporary modern home. 


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